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Tech Talk ... by Pat Hoover

SPRITZ: Remember Evelyn Wood and her speed reading program made famous by President John F. Kennedy and other notable adherents? Well, there is a new kid in town and as in most all innovation today, this kid is being brought to us courtesy of the Web. Spritz, Inc - has garnered much tech media world wide with its high speed single word speed reading web App. Though not yet in general use, the developers are heavily invested with large VC dollars and are feverishly working with a number of the larger established web providers. Spritz is coming to your smart phone and computer and it promises to revolutionize the task and function of one of our most basic and primary functions: reading.
     I enjoyed the company’s online interactive version of Spritz in action and increased my reading speed while maintaining the same level of comprehension and recall that I  normally manage. I went from 200 words per minute (WPM) to 450 without hitch. And while it takes some getting used to, I quite enjoyed the experience.  Check it out at by clicking on the graphic of the smart phone and watch as you take the speed reading test at ever increasing and quite impressive WPM speed.
     Certainly not an App one would choose to use to read a novel, I can, however, easily imagine using the Spritz App in a number of interesting and far more productive environments. Emails, legal briefs and reported cases, daily news, memos of law, poly papers, etc., etc., etc…

CYCLORAMIC: Imagine taking panoramic photo’s on your smart phone, handsfree while sitting back and watch your phone do all the work of rotating 360* by virtue of its native vibration function.  Video is included and the resulting “photo” is often amazing in its simple way of scrolling through a panoramic photograph allowing the viewer to stop at any point, go back or forward as they please.
     A new mobile phone photo App is so cool that I urge you to try it out at your first opportunity. What, in the past, one needed to do in steps, Cyloramic ( now does in one easy step with little or no learning curve. It’s free to download to your smartphone - both Android and Apple platforms and I believe most all others, are compatible.



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