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Mentor/Mentee Committee 

    Ask successful attorneys how they achieved their success and many responses will include mention of a mentor – someone who took a genuine interest in their professional and personal growth. Such responses remind us that success in the demanding practice of law requires, in addition to hard work, guidance from those with the experience to offer it. In the Montgomery County Bar Association Mentor-Mentee Program, experienced attorney-mentors share their time, energy and wisdom with their new-practitioner mentees, and mentees receive invaluable advice on the practice of law, enjoy the special camaraderie of the Montgomery County Bar Association, and begin what often can be a life-long relationship.
    If you have practiced law for more than seven years, I invite you to volunteer to be a mentor in the Montgomery County Bar Association Mentor-Mentee Program. Please, share your experience and offer your guidance to us young attorneys who need it most and are eager to accept it. Likewise, if you have been practicing law for less than seven years and would like guidance from an experienced attorney and get involved in our community of attorneys, apply to get a mentor. Applications to be a mentor or mentee are available at:, and can be submitted at any time to Jillian Morris at
    Save the date for our Spring Happy Hour on Thursday, April 30, 2014 from 5:30 p.m. until 7:30 p.m. at the American Tap Room located in the Rockville Town Square.


Jillian S. Morris

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